Our vision

Dear Editor:

Our vision … is interesting to read what the town board’s vision sounded like in 2006, e.g., that we should be known for and retain our small town atmosphere and unique character; that we broaden cultural events and support public art that is suitable for small towns; and preserve and support our historic heritage.

Well, we are doing a good job in the area of cultural events what with the good work of Curtains Up Pagosa that encourages our young folks’ interest in music and drama along with the professional productions at the arts center.

We are trying to preserve our historic heritage through the Harman Museum and our San Juan Historical Society Museum, plus the weekly articles in The Pagosa SUN.

But it is the first goal that needs attention. I have written often, asking, “what is wrong with being unique?” That adjective, “unique,” should be the guiding post for the way we shape and move forward with this beautiful place.

We are not a town of “materialistic” values, but rather values that appreciate the small things in life, folks who tolerate sacrifice, folks who truly care about one another.

Open The Pagosa SUN every week and you will see pictures of folks, young and old, enjoying the simple things in life — much of it at no cost. This is who we are, this is who we need to continue to be; this is what attracts folks to come here, they are starved for the simple life.

Please, let’s not succumb to those who attempt to make us become “just like everyone else.” There are plenty of those kinds of places.

Patty Tillerson


This story was posted on July 24, 2014.