Our park

Dear Editor:

Mailboxes have been filled with an orange flyer put forth by the self-proclaimed “TRUE Friends of Reservoir Hill,” urging people to vote No in the special election on April 23.

The bottom of the flyer reads “Beware! Allowing a small group of vocal individuals to influence you into modifying YOUR town charter would set a dangerous precedent.” Dangerous like how?

It should be clear that the only people who would view passionate civic involvement as “dangerous” are those wishing to maintain the power status quo.

The next sentence reads, “The next initiative may seek to take something of yours from you.”

Am I right to interpret this to infer that the authors of the orange flyer feel that the current initiative is taking something away from them?

Well, they’re right. We the people have the duty to occasionally remind our leaders where the real power lies. If we perceive our leaders to be misguided or not acting in our best interests, then we need to stand up.

Reservoir Hill is our park and it should be up to the people to decide how or if it gets developed.

Instead of fee-based amusement park rides for visitors, how about sidewalks for us locals and our kids?

Vote Yes on April 23 if you believe that there are many other things that our town needs besides a $4 million dollar amusement park.

Mat deGraaf

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.