Our Coop

Dear Editor:

La Plata Electric Association is our rural electric cooperative. As members, it is our right and responsibility to vote for our board directors. In District 1, there are two candidates: Lindon Stewart and Mark Garcia. I know Mark from his work with the Town of Pagosa Springs. As a user of the town’s geothermal heating district, I worked with Mark when our bakery started using that system in 2001. His work in the planning office was effective and efficient. I appreciated his work as Town Manager, also.

Mark’s experience in the San Luis Valley as a consultant to local governments allowed him to see the positive economic effects of locally produced energy. The valley is ahead of us in solar-thermal, photovoltaic and geothermal development. I would like to see us catch up and surpass our neighbors to the east. Mark knows how to balance the responsibilities of the board. He is a good listener and a good questioner. We need folks like Mark who have a technical background to ask the tough questions and follow up on the answers.

LPEA has had a tough year having to deal with the rate hikes from Tri-State. All signs point toward tougher times ahead. I’m voting for Mark Garcia as District 1 director to help steer the LPEA board responsibly and energetically.

When you get your ballot in the mail in a few days, vote and get it back in the mail. LPEA is our Coop, our responsibility.

Kirsten Skeehan

This story was posted on April 18, 2013.