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What did you expect to happen?
News in The SUN last week highlights a problem that has been growing for several years in Pagosa Springs.

Government by committee.

Last week, we learned the future of a proposed downtown restaurant development was handed over, in large part, to a volunteer Historic Preservation Board due to the fact the developer wished to purchase and demolish an “historic” building located on Lewis Street. The board agreed to the demolition, with conditions. Those conditions, and amendments, proved too much for the developer and he was gone.

Letters to the Editor

Sen. Roberts

Rep. Brown

Matter of Faith
The dance: Sometimes awkward, sometimes grace-full
My youngest daughter mentioned casually a few weeks ago that the fifth-sixth grade dance was coming up.

This is an event the PE class puts on every fall. They learn 16 different numbers in class and the culminating activity is an evening dance for the kid in PE and a parent. It is a wonderful idea; the students are engaged in the unit and it is a great time of bonding and fun for the parents who attend.

Life in the Primo 500:
Walk in beauty
The line of demarcation between New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah does not exist in my Primo 500. But I’ve been known to draw a line in the sand — when the mercury doesn’t rise at first light.