On the move

Dear Editor:

Christmas tradition. Thinking back about family traditions that I carried forth in raising my own family got me to thinking about lifestyle and how it affects our general health. As with my own mother, I, too, would begin getting ready for the season soon after Thanksgiving. There were six different kinds of homemade candies that were part of the tradition. I would make them up, put them in tins, and have them ready to set out in dishes around the house beginning when we decorated the Christmas tree, then every day through New Year. It made the season very special.

Now, this got me to thinking; obesity was never a problem at our house and, in fact, it was not an issue with society either — folks in general were not overweight. I imagine it was because lifestyle did not allow folks to sit for very long — just about everything we did required that we move.

Thinking on myself, I never stopped from the time I hit the floor until I went to bed — there was no fast food, there was no prepared food — I had to buy that chicken whole and cut it up myself. Everything we ate had to be prepared and cooked from scratch. Dishes had to be hand-washed and dried after each meal. No clothes dryer, had to hang them out on the line to dry, then take them down, and bring them in — fold the towels, etc. All of our clothes had to be ironed, so that meant sprinkle them down, roll them up, and bed them down in a basket to set overnight — ready to be ironed the next day (usually four to five hours at the ironing board). Then there was the house cleaning, grocery shopping, etc., and, of course, time out to read books to the little ones before their naps (that is, when I got to sit down). Oh, also, I sewed all the clothes for myself and our girls. We didn’t need exercise gyms, etc. in those days. We were on the move constantly. It was a great life!

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on December 12, 2013.