Off base

Dear Editor:

It was disappointing to read the letter from Tom Cruse in last week’s paper. I served on the PLPOA board with Tom during his short tenure. I and at least one other board member tried to get him to reconsider his resignation, but I never got a response. To the best of my knowledge, no one was glad to see him go, as he surmised in his letter. I would submit Tom is off base in his accusations so I respectfully disagree with him.

On a few occasions, I have heard reference to “Aspenizing” PLPOA, and the board has been critisized on more than a few occasions for a select few, new provisions in the Rules and Regulations adopted recently. My impression is that people use the Aspen reference as a means to belittle the rules and provide emotional gravitas to their critizism as Tom did in his letter. The revisions made to the Rules and Regulations took over a year to complete, and the input received in making those revisions came from staff, boards, committees and members. Rich Beaudry, as president of the board, was a true leader in moving the process forward. Were it not for him, we would have merely updated the existing rules rather than improving, clarifying and modifying them. Rich wanted the Rules done right and in accordance with the Declaration, and his legacy to PLPOA is that both the process and the results were done right.

PLPOA is approximately half built out. It has taken almost 40 years to get to this point. As houses get closer together, laxity and subjectivity that previously worked simply could not continue. Closer adherence to the Declaration was needed and warranted to make sure the rights and responsiblities did not conflict. Deviating from the Declaration exposes PLPOA to a myriad of costly complications; it made more sense to force the issue at the “ounce of prevention” stage, rather than wait for the“pound of cure” it would take later.

Although Tom does not give the PLPOA board much credit for setting good policy, the fact is PLPOA board(s) of recent years have taken major strides forward to assure good policies and practices are in place. I have sat on and been staff for a number of boards, and this board compares favorably to any I have served on/with in every facet of the fiduciary responsibilites that go with serving on a volunteer board.

Rodney B. Proffitt

This story was posted on August 15, 2013.