Dear Editor:

I would like express my displeasure with the town’s decision to not pick up stuff from curb sides during junk week this year and instead are having folks load it up and haul it in to be put it in Dumpsters. I feel this will detour folks from fully taking advantage of this opportunity to “spring clean,” leaving more refuse to be unsightly in our downtown area. Some of our older citizens will find it impossible to take advantage of the service without hiring someone. It seems to me that the curb side pickup offers greater participation and offers the town the opportunity to hire teenagers to help with the pick ups.

I must also admit that I have a personal stake in curbside pick up, being an “Obtainium miner,” one who recycles, reuses and repurposes. Junk week is like a holiday for me, filling my Subie and supplying me with discarded lumber, roofing panels and a variety of other materials allowing me to do summer projects. You should see my shed I refurbished last summer. This year, it was to be a greenhouse and I was hoping to score some old windows and lumber for this project, but now, alas, it looks bleak for this Obtainium miner, no curbside pick up, no obtained supplies. Now, if anybody can help a brother out, I will gladly pick up supplies that I might find resourceful, in my trusty Subaru,  and you will know your things where saved from the landfill. So, town deciders, please reconsider next time the inconvenience to townies and the extra stuff just going into a landfill, instead of finding a new purpose, when you decide to take the truck pickup away.

Scott Chapple

This story was posted on May 2, 2013.