Obama policies

Dear Editor:

Think about it. What’s the one common denominator — the towering central figure — in all the recent scandals about which Obama expresses how mad he is? Obama himself. He knew about them all. They are all the direct result of Obama policies, plain and simple. But he acts like he’s surprised.

Ask yourself: how in the world, after five or six years, can all of these things, from the economy to health care to the VA to the IRS, you name it, have gotten worse? At some point more and more people — and I think it’s happening — will have to realize this is not accidental.

Obama’s book-cooking and funny numbers can — and do — easily fool in-the-tank reporters who believe every democrat lie, but the American people know better. They sense that something is very, very wrong. And they’re rightly not happy about it.

The first quarter GDP growth for 2014 just came in at a calamitous 0.1 percent — that’s zero-point-one, one-tenth of one percent. That’s far worse than even the fourth quarter of 2013, when the nation’s GDP grew a paltry 2.6 percent.

This dismal economy is the result of policy decisions that obummer and his Democrats have made and implemented. It’s the result of their capriciousness, lawlessness, unconstitutional power grabs, putting the nation in a regulatory vise. It’s not quirk of fate. It’s not that America’s best days are over. It’s not that America’s past was a fad or a quirk. It’s not that the explosive economic growth of the ’80s was illegitimate. It’s not that all of the greatness in the past was undeserved. It’s not due to the supposed greed of the richest one percent, and it’s not George Bush’s fault.

No, it is precisely because of Obama’s hard left nostrums, implemented with Democrats in Congress since 2009, that this country is in the it’s in. It is the result of policy, legislation, executive orders, control-freak regulations and punitive enforcement and other corrupt actions Obama has taken — because he wanted to.

So is the tragedy at the VA, where vets have died waiting for medical care, having been put on secret waiting lists that became de facto death panels. Obama pretends to be angry now, but in a few months, after the midterms, he’ll announce there isn’t even a smidgen of corruption at the VA. Everything about this scandal is the result of Obama regime behavior, so it’s an insult when he goes on TV and acts as if he didn’t know, and now that he does, he’ll get to the bottom of it, because he’s just as mad as you are. That is fatuous. What’s going on at the VA is due to policies that Obama and his regime have implemented, purposefully. Ditto Obamacare. Ditto immigration, including the 36,000 illegal alien felons awaiting deportation that Obama released back into U.S. society. Practically every virtue and tradition that built this country is under assault — we’d better stop it.

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.