Oath of office

Dear Editor:

It is true that Rich Valdez did not sign the pledge that the Constitutionalist organization presented to him and the other sheriff candidates. He declined for several reasons.

Most importantly, if elected Sheriff, he will be taking and signing an oath of office that states he will support the Constitution of the United Sates and the Colorado Constitution.

Rich is a practical person and signing an additional oath for a group that is striving for less government seems to be another example of “red tape” that is keeping the real work from getting done. This additional oath is redundant, overreaching and takes away from the integrity of the oath that he is required to take upon entering office.

Rich can provide multiple examples of how he has supported the Constitution in a variety of positions during his tenure in law enforcement. He has a proven track record of dedication and loyalty and continues to be a highly trained and well-educated law enforcement officer. This will continue if he is elected sheriff. Rich is a true supporter of the Constitution. He is also the best candidate for Archuleta County Sheriff.

Lisa Scott

This story was posted on June 12, 2014.