Not the concept

Dear Editor:

Here we go again: The disastrous roll out of the Obamacare website, a system set up and being run by a private contractor, is being used to once again claim that the government can’t do anything right.

So, perhaps it should be pointed out that this is a government that built the interstate road system and put a man on the moon, organized and won WW II during a depression and, lest we forget, virtually eradicated hunger in this country in the ’70s. Every day, thousands of lives are saved because of the Coast Guard, the Food and Drug administration, and by new and better drugs being tested by the CDC. We breathe cleaner air and drink safer water because of (former) Congresses that worked to improve the lives of average Americans, and we work a 40-hour week and get paid overtime because of laws passed to protect workers.

At its best, this is supposed to be a government of and for the people. When people demonize “government,” they are doing nothing less than cutting the ice beneath their own feet, and particularly galling is how they call themselves “patriots” for seeking to destroy what we as a people have worked so hard to create.

If there is failure, it is not in the concept of government, but in the failure of government to live up to the concept.

The answer here is not to destroy the democratic process, not to cheer on each failure as an achievement, but to work together to improve what needs to be fixed, and understand that the commonwealth is there to work for the American people, and should not be a slush fund for politicians and the corporate interests they serve.

F John Lozen

This story was posted on October 31, 2013.