Not Over

Dear Editor:

Ginger Swartz, Tom Steen, Livia Lynch, Don Goodwin and Julie Loar were all previous executive directors of the Archuleta County Education Center and each contributed a vision and leadership style that enabled the center to serve this community in its various educational needs.

The center has had a wonderful 25-year history and despite the financial difficulties experienced in the past few years, the center has emerged on the positive side of this issue. The building is for sale, programs are operational at other community locations, and thanks to Roger and Sandy Wickham, original donors of the building, and an anonymous donor, the center continues to have an optimistic future.

I’m sorry that Ginger visited the center “two summers ago” and found an unknowledgeable employee and the center “empty and dusty.” Typically, the summers have been part-time hours with few programs. If she had visited during the school year, she would have witnessed the numerous programs with robust attendance. The center’s history has been celebrated very publicly (especially in 2008 and 2013, the 20th and 25th anniversaries) with an effort to applaud the past and move to the future.

The center started this school year offering GED, ESL, and after-school tutoring and enrichment programs. First Aid and CPR classes are now being offered by the Extension Office.

Every employee, volunteer, student and donor are to be thanked for the success of the center. The “great run” is not over.

Lisa Scott

This story was posted on October 3, 2013.