No recall

Dear Editor:

For two years leading up to this past January, I was represented in Denver by J. Paul Brown. Although he may be a nice man, his right wing, conspiracy driven political philosophy was totally at odds with mine. He did not represent my views as a constituent. Further, he never responded to a single one of my letters and messages presenting my opposing opinion on issues before the state House. Yet, it never crossed my mind to consider a recall. I felt that the next election would be the proper time for me to seek alternative representation.

The same situation exists with my Congressman, Scott Tipton. Again, he is a conservative whose views rarely coincide with mine. I was particularly incensed when he supported the designation by President Obama of Chimney Rock as a National Monument, benefitting him politically, at the same time he sought to abolish this authority for the future. Yet, I would never consider a recall.

Our current State Senator, Ellen Roberts, once seemed to be moderate, favoring at least a few political positions that I could agree with. Lately, however, she seems to have swung to the extreme right. So, should those of us who may disagree with her newfound arch conservatism begin a recall campaign?

Finally, our former county commissioner, Ronnie Zaday, who is leading the recall campaign here in Archuleta County, also did not generally support my views. Her term in office was characterized by constant conflict with her fellow commissioners. She was even censured by the Archuleta County Republican Central Committee. She herself was the target of an unsuccessful recall campaign. Again, the people spoke at the next election, as it should be.

It is a shame that a few vociferous, one-issue zealots want to recall our state representative, Mike McLachlan, based solely on his votes on reasonable measures to control guns. Their accusation is that he does not represent his constituents. Well, my question is, what constituents? He certainly represents my views as his constituent, and I actually voted for him. I suspect that most of his adversaries in this recall effort are partisan Republicans who did not vote for him last November. They now see a way to reverse the last election, ignoring the will of the people who voted Mike into office. Some pro-recall ads that I have seen cite the combative public forum that Mike held in Durango last month as evidence that he has lost the support of his constituents. My perception of that event was that it was seized by a group of strident pro-gun activists, one of whom called Mike, a Marine combat veteran, a “traitor.” I understand that many of the noisiest protesters weren’t even from the 59th House District, so were not even his constituents.

Let’s let the democratic political process take its course. If you have already signed a recall petition, consider retracting it. We will get a chance to cast our votes in November 2014.

John Porco

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.