No liberty

Dear Editor:

After kicking it around in high-spirited coffee shop debate the other morning. I realized it’s only taken the left 50, 60 years ta get to this point — taking hold of the education system, the university, the media — conditioning people not to stand up for themselves, not to exercise freedom, not to speak outside the acceptable norms. After all, what is political correctness but speech censorship?

Liberal Seattle has just banned the use of two terms by government workers: “citizen” and “brown bag.” As ABC News reports, “according to the Seattle Office of Civil Rights, those terms can be deemed offensive or have a history of being offensive and therefore should not be used.” I guess that means ta jist shut up? Which is the extent of the logic of the left.

Which is why most people, if left alone, will never be liberals. It has to be imposed, by intimidation. It has to be propagandized. It’s not a natural state. Freedom is the natural state of the human being, and liberalism is an imposition on that natural, inborn yearning to be free.

But liberals love imposing the shackles of leftism on others — it is what they live for — and they envy any strongman who has the power to do it. Libs in America, Hollywood, and Washington were enamored with Hugo Chavez’s ability to control his society. For most of my life, the American left has been absolutely besotted with Fidel Castro. They loved the Soviet Union. The American left thought the USSR was a far superior system, hated Ronald Reagan and anybody who looked at the Soviets as an enemy.

There can be no doubt. The left has designs on the country, to “fundamentally transform” it. They don’t believe in the country as founded, the Constitution, or the concept of individual liberty. They don’t trust it. They don’t trust that folks if left alone will do the “right thing” — not in terms of traditional morality, but in terms of what liberals approve. If left alone, people will eat the wrong foods and drive the wrong vehicles and live in the wrong areas. And they can’t permit that.

Liberals must control as much of everyone’s life as they possibly can in order to create the society they approve. That leads to an all-out assault on individual liberty and freedom. And that’s the battle that has been waging in this country from the beginning. Liberals are threatened by liberty. Even the rank-and-file leftists, the average, ordinary, nonelected, non-leadership liberals who post anonymous comments on websites, simply do not trust you to behave — and they’re not content to let you behave the way you want. You must kowtow to the way they want you to live and behave.

Liberalism is the denial of liberty. It’s the rejection of freedom. It is the imposition of restrictions. You must do everything libs want, think the way they think — and if you don’t, you’ll be punished, because you represent a threat. I’ve got a threat for em’ but it’s not printable.

Besides, it’s almost Thanksgiving Day, which the government wants to change to “a National Day of Atonement,” to officially acknowledge the Pilgrims historically brutal treatment of Native Americans. Seems the holiday has now lost a lot of its luster.

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on December 2, 2013.