No change

Dear Editor:

Commenting again upon the miserable Postal Service in Pagosa Springs.  This summer I mailed in my local box two payments that were never delivered, incurring late payment fees.  Of course, the problem could be on the other end, but that is doubtful since I have not had any problems at other locations.  In the past, I ordered tools on Oct. 15 with less than 10-day delivery promised.  I called the company and they said they were delivered.  Since it was too big for the box, I called the post office about Nov. 3 and they said there was no such item.  On April 15, six months later,  I received a call on Saturday by the weekend supervisor asking when I was going to pick up the box.  By then, I had repurchased the tools.  No notices in my box.  There are 80 mail boxes on my property, but they assign me one three blocks away and will not change.

James Turk

This story was posted on November 7, 2013.