Dear Editor:

Depending on what reference material is used, if one looks up synonyms for the word “lie,” you generally find the terms deceive, fib, perjure, fabricate, prevaricate, twist, misrepresent, misconstrue, misstate, misquote, garble, skew, distort, etc.

Isn’t it somewhat remarkable that almost all of these terms have been used in the past five years to describe untruthful statements that have been made by Barack Obama? Because most people don’t want to defile the Office of the President of the United States when referring to his lies and half-truths, they have struggled to find the least objectionable terminology when referring to them. By the time his term ends, all of the possible variations for the word “lie” will be exhausted. When have we ever had a president who will leave a more shameful and disreputable legacy when it comes to his promise of “transparency?” The answer is simple: Never. Just take a look at how he has handled Obamacare, Iran, Benghazi, the Fast and Furious Operation in the DOJ, the IRS, the AP, gun control and on and on.

While many politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, have been caught in an occasional lie or misrepresentation, this administration has taken it to a new, and sometimes even criminal, level. The president, who believes he is above the law, is making a mockery of truth, justice and the Constitution and the Democrat leadership in both the house and the senate have largely been willing foils for him. Even the few remaining “Blue Dog” Democrats in the house, who are more moderate and conservative than the rank and file and who occasionally have the audacity to disagree and speak out against their Congressional leaders, are quickly and firmly ostracized. This is not how a democratic government is supposed to work and it has to stop.

There is only one way to rectify this situation and that means neutralizing Obama by putting the Republican Party in control of both houses of Congress in 2014. To do this, we must make certain we have candidates who can win elections, we must follow Reagan’s edict that Republicans do not criticize Republicans, and we must get the vote out so we can take our country back from a Democrat administration that is intent on making us an inept and discredited second-rate socialist state. The midterm election in 2014 is crucial; if we hold on to our majority in the House and take over the Senate, we will then take control of the presidency in 2016 and put an end to this nightmare.

Gary Stansbury

This story was posted on December 12, 2013.