New traffic light

Dear Editor:

I want to write about “Jesus Christ Superstar,” but there is something else bothering me at this moment.

One day recently while heading up Put Hill going west, we were absolutely stunned to see traffic going east into town backed up half way up Put Hill from the traffic light (the new one) at 160 and 8th Street and moving very slowly. Someone else said they saw traffic backed up to Piedra.

This cannot be at this time.

Imagine what will happen when all of our visitors come to town for our Fourth of July activities. I can see traffic all the way west to Pagosa Boulevard backed up as people try to get to town to see the parade.

I would hope this light could be disconnected for a few days especially since there is no school in session.

I would recommend “Jesus Christ Superstar” to everyone, especially to see the individual performances. I felt that everyone participating was perfectly cast.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on July 3, 2014.