New Thought topic: ‘Exploring Scientific Prayer through the Golden Key’

By Janie Garms
Special to The PREVIEW
“Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is and think about God instead.” — Emmet Fox.
In his day, Fox was one of the most profound thinkers and writers the world over. He wrote eight books, including interpretations of the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.
Fox was a strong proponent of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and, in fact, his church in New York City was also the place where New Thought’s mutually supportive relationship with AA began.
In one of his most well-known publications, the pamphlet called “The Golden Key” (1931), Fox laid out an approach to spiritual truth that resonates today. He often explained that this pamphlet was designed to help people to find their way out of trouble. Further, this was not designed to be an instructional treatise, but a practical guide.
Join the Pagosa Community of New Thought (PCNT) on Sunday Sept. 9, when Janie Garms will bring our topic, “Exploring Scientific Prayer through the Golden Key.” During our time together, we will consider the relevance of Fox’s teaching in New Thought today, how many ways it can be used, how many different situations in which it can be applied and how exactly one practices the Golden Key.
Garms is a registered nurse. She has been a member of New Thought since 1999. Her motto regarding her religious walk is “Culturally Christian, Spiritually Free.”
PCNT is also excited to announce our weekly meditation and healing circle, which will be held on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in the Momentum Fitness building. All are welcome to attend and no experience is necessary.
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This story was posted on September 8, 2018.