Need it now

Dear Editor:

Glad to see the editorial on the disgraceful display of junk along U.S.160 in the Aspen Springs area. Tourism is our main source of income in this county and I am sure those of us in this industry could tell you the stories of complaints from our guests seeing the entrance to our beautiful community.

While traveling through the Globe, Ariz., area recently, I picked up a local paper. This area has suffered greatly from closure of copper mines and a small town to the west (Miami) has come up with a solution that has worked to clean up and repair the buildings and other properties that have fallen into disrepair (and junk).

The town serves 30-day notice to owners in violation to improve the building or remove the junk, whichever is the problem. After that, an inspector goes out to check on compliance. If this is not completed, a final notice of 30 days and, after that, if not done satisfactory, then they send in the city crews or private companies to complete the work — and bill the owners. If this is not paid promptly, then a lien is placed on the property. Nobody wants a lien — it keeps increasing, year by year and when property is sold, the lien must be paid.

I was pleased to read, also, that if it was a poverty or hardship issue, various clubs in the community (Kiwanis, Rotary, church groups, etc.) would do the work. We go through this area each year on our desert vacation and definitely notice the improvement.

So, why can’t we have the county do something like this and improve this eyesore and detriment to our important tourist industry? We need it now!

Joan Slavinski

This story was posted on May 30, 2013.