Narrow minded

Dear Editor:

This is written in response to Eugene Witkowski’s letter of June 12.

I have read this man’s diatribes for several years and wondered how an individual could be so narrow minded. His views that ours is solely a Christian nation belies the very basis on which our Constitution was written.

Religious freedom, with the emphasis on freedom, the freedom to practice religion, whether Christian, Jew or Islam, or not to practice a religion at all was at the center of our forefathers’ creation of the Constitution.

I find it interesting that he belies his own positions in his last letter, writing of the “destruction of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.”

If I were gay, I would wish for the “constitutionally guaranteed freedom” to marry. Or if I were going to smoke pot instead of drink alcohol. Or if I were a woman the “right to choose” if I had been raped. Certainly the right to practice (or not) an alternate faith and not have Christianity forced at me at every turn.

Dean Zimmerman

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.