‘My way’

Dear Editor:

As a resident of “Pagosa Country” and a subscriber to your newspaper, I am disappointed that some seemingly noisy know-it-alls have resurfaced almost exactly when Wal-Mart broke ground.

I do not know the former mayor of Pagosa but I share his frustration about a small, but very vocal, group that caused a deep and painful division in town regarding the building of said Wal-Mart. I don’t need to name them; they know who they are. I even have their names memorized because of their futile and unfair arguments presented in print. I learned a long time ago that “Loud doesn’t always mean right.”

No matter where one lives, “my way” people are gonna be there. When cell phone towers were first being installed in Southern California, one being a mile from my house, the “my way” people circulated a petition listing one lame argument after another for all to read and heed.

Two in particular: The towers would cause cancer in humans and kill birds that get zapped when flying too close … never happened. Most Americans love new cell towers that end “dead zones.”

The person in particular that the former mayor pointed out was most vocal in the “my way” movement. Although the tone of her letters have since diminished, opened eyes and a discerning mind can still take note of her not-so-subliminal rants against larger businesses while blaming town dysfunction on many; herself, of course, excluded.

If I recall, the town’s majority voted for Wal-Mart and a recent SUN poll showed most of the respondents being happy to see the soon building of that “Evil Empire.”

Free speech? Yes. But a democracy has a majority; they have spoken. Can we all move along now as one people? Sending weekly subliminal or blatant rants are protected, but they make me yawn.

Stan F. Counsell

This story was posted on July 10, 2014.