Move on

Dear Editor:

Sometimes it gets frustrating to read some of the letters in your paper.  It appears likely that a few of the same “town criers of doom” are, once again, revving up their rants against Wal-Mart and the majority of town council members.  Years back, when in the pastorate, I suffered with my tiny share of loud and highly opinionated congregants.  As a two-time homeowner in southern California, it didn’t take long to discover that one or more individuals in the area deemed themselves the only ones truly “in-the-know.” The rest of us were mindless nimrods.  What makes anyone think that they have the only answers to a town’s problems?

When anyone does some shopping at the ”Evil Empire” (Wal-Mart), it isn’t uncommon to see other Pagosans there, too.  Our town and county lose precious tax revenue for now; that will change.  We need to realize that the need to save money is a must for many locals, so although maligned in print, it will be well-received. Why do I, sometimes, do some shopping there?  Here is a very recent true story.

I had oral surgery in Durango and was prescribed pain medication.  When returning home, my wife filled the prescription at Pagosa’s in-store pharmacy.  During my follow-up appointment it was determined that another refill was in order.  This time, due to my considerable pain, my wife took the prescription to the close-by Wal-Mart pharmacy.  She was shocked; the very same prescription was $40 less at Wal-Mart than in Pagosa.  After getting the difference refunded, she had $40 to use around Pagosa.

Let’s come together and realize that not all decisions go our way.  Wal-Mart will come; let’s move on.  The people voted for the legalization of marijuana; let’s move on.  What about Reservoir Hill?  Let’s move on.  If some honestly, and loudly, feel that their opinions are the only ones that really matter, could they please learn to move on.

We are Pagosans with various political convictions; let’s move on.  We have differing religious beliefs, preferred clothing, dining and shopping at our favorite places and more.  Can’t some just “go-with-the-flow?” If truly mad and loudly unhappy, please  quietly move on.  After moving here some seven years ago, we love it here!  If I deem something stupid, I try to be civil and just move on with my life; it isn’t about me.  Some should consider being kinder and gentler instead of ranting and maligning each week in the paper.

Stan Counsell

This story was posted on December 2, 2013.

One Response to Move on

  1. kelley

    December 5, 2013 at 7:05 am

    I have to say this is by far the best letter I have ever read in this paper… (No whining, No complaining, No blaming… etc) It does get very old to always see people bickering over some belief every single Thursday… Very refreshing to read…
    Thank you !!!!