Dear Editor:

Some people believe that “government” is the problem and that we need much less government in our lives, but I disagree.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that we need much more government, or we will perish as a Republic.

Sounds like a mindless liberal, doesn’t it?  What in the world am I thinking?  Here’s what!  Liberals are always crying out for more government control and power over human lives, but they, in reality, are fighting for less government.  Here’s why.  By clamoring for more government control through centralized federal, state and local governments, they are really working hard to remove the only valid government that is of real value to humanity and to this Republic … that of “self” government, family government, church government, educational government and local government … all based on self governing people, not an external nanny state concept.

The obvious truth of this is that many Americans are running from true government, which takes character, courage and persistence, and grasping the chains of a false government from outside so the true government doesn’t have to take place in their own lives. This is gross irresponsibility against self, families and society, and is a dangerous weakness that can only destroy our Republic if we allow it to grow.

Liberals think they love government but, in fact, they hate it because it places a demand on all of us to become better than we are.  Anything short of this is to destroy human destiny, and enslave us in the statutory law system of “government” which removes much of our free choice when we accept it … something that is truly evil!

“Government” controls the universe, down to our very cells, so why do liberals claim to want more of what they run from on every level?  Want true freedom?  Then get a life, and learn how to make real, personal power decisions that actually can help individuals, as well as society.  Are you up to it?

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on February 14, 2013.