Dear Editor:

Money Out of Politics! This is not a left-right issue, it’s a common sense issue. Today, the banks have been bought by big money. Corporations. Why not spend the millions, even billions of political contributions, for the people — on positive change. If we spent all the money being spent on the current political campaign on the people, on positive change, what would that mean? 

Right now, the top .07 percent of donors is exerting more influence on the 2012 race than the bottom 85 per cent. The people with more money are getting more speech, so to speak. Is that right?

While people have been distracted by war and personal economic issues, the wider world is bypassing our great country. Think about it: What if we spent all that political campaign money on the people — infrastructure, health, education, the arts and the environment? Wouldn’t we have a better world? Wouldn’t we have a better America? We would inspire the rest of the world. We should be paying attention to chemtrails, GMOs, the cost of health issues, and the cost of war. It is bankrupting us and making us seriously ill. Unfortunately, we are pouring valuable money down the drain. A sad situation. Vote Yes on Proposition 65.

Susan Junta

This story was posted on October 10, 2012.