Dear Editor:

Anybody remember the financial crisis of 2008, where Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Gold Sachs told Congress that his firm’s position of selling customers his bank’s housing market financial schemes, and then immediately betting against their customers’ position was just … Risk Management. Well … it seems he was but following previous investment banks position of hedging their bets by funding both sides of major European wars … two “minor” problems, respectively the banks almost caused another global depression and millions died in those wars.

Since religions can no longer be “relied upon” to contain the “people” (there’s always a few) is capitalism’s market forces the current imprisonment? Well our Supreme Court seems to think so as they not only said money is free speech but today removed all the limits on political contributions while saying corporations equal you. Makes it a lot easier to buy an election or get a favorable tax position. Add to that the NSA’s spying activities and you get essentially a “turn key dictatorship” (retired NSA executive) … anybody slightly worried … upset?

Most revolutions have occurred because there isn’t any real access to livable money or an improved economic status by the general citizens; not because of any moral outrage or violation of “citizens rights;” i.e., gun rights is likely a feel-good false issue. Is there anyone really who doesn’t see the Patriot Act as a potential threat to freedom? Recall that Hitler promised a “chicken in every pot and a VW (beetle) in every garage;” that plus a few “Brown Shirts” and he quelled most moral outrage over genocide. Spread the bread (don’t forget the butter) combined with a threat and all’s well.

Last two questions today … does the Democrat’s push for increasing the minimum wage have anything anyway to do with today’s Supreme Court’s decision to remove limits on political contributions; and what actually distinguishes the value/worth of your vote … hmmm, no response, OK “God’s great, beer’s good and people are crazy,” B. Currington.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on April 10, 2014.