Money is not equal to speech

By Jean Strahlendorf
Special to The PREVIEW

On July 6, the Pagosa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (PUUF) will present a talk by Pauline Benetti addressing the concept that money is not equal to speech.

In 2012, a candidate for president of the United States said, “Corporations are people.” He was not elected. The struggle became more clear; the struggle between the people versus corporate personhood.

In 2014, the struggle continues, but now has been expanded by the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon Decision that dealt with the people versus monied people. Specifically, the McCutcheon versus Federal Election Commission case was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court and resulted in the removal of a biennial aggregate limit on individual contributions to national party and federal candidate committees. Is it a class war that we are in?

On Sunday, we will examine new developments in light of the Unitarian Univeralist’s Fifth Principle — “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.”

Benetti has been a member of PUUF for more than 10 years and has served as the past president of the fellowship. She currently is a member of the PUUF worship committee.

It is the mission of PUUF to “grow as a diverse community with differing beliefs and shared values. We seek to encourage spiritual growth and strive for compassion, justice and responsible action in our society and on our planet.”

The service begins at 10:30 a.m. in the PUUF Hall. The address is Unit B-15, Greenbriar Plaza. Turn east on Greenbriar Drive off of North Pagosa Boulevard by the fire station, then left into the back parking lot and look for the big sign. All are welcome.

This story was posted on July 3, 2014.