Dear Editor:

I believe there has been a misunderstanding in the community that seems to have taken on a life of its own in conversation circles and the media lately. It involves the Community Development Corporation (CDC) and cries of racism from a public discussion held a while back. This is all too sad for our little town, the community and the people involved. It breaks my heart.

All of us have been misunderstood at some point in our lives. It is embarrassing and unfortunate that we sometimes speak in ways that is not clear or can be taken wrong. I believe this is what happened during and after the CDC meeting in question.

I was not at the meeting but have communicated with people that were and believe a media injustice took place causing the ultimate result of racism accusations. It is my understanding that Udgar Parsons was trying to point out that the area has a shift in population going on with more Hispanics living in the county and more new non-Hispanic people moving into town. The notion was that this would create a more homogeneous overall population so that voting and many other facets of community would be more balanced. What was heard by some was, “The Hispanics are moving out and that is good.”

Udgar and the CDC were reflecting various inputs from many business and civic leaders interviewed for the CDC project. We should all realize that this is a case of “shooting the messenger” for the message. I want to say that I have known Udgar Parsons for a quarter century and do not believe there is a racist molecule in his body.

Norm Vance

This story was posted on July 24, 2014.