Dear Editor:

I stand corrected on some misinformation I provided in the 20 Sept. 2012 issue of The SUN as noted by Ronald Sandler (see the 27 Sept. issue of The SUN). Information I sourced to a Bloomberg Report turned out not to be correct and I regret not having checked it more carefully. That said, I must respond to Mr. Sandler’s comment that, “the political right has made a plethora of false accusations against President Obama during these last four years.”

While there is inevitably a certain amount of half-truths, partially accurate statements and outright lies communicated during political campaigns, it has not been only the political right which has made accusations that have been proven false. And, Mr. Sandler, Obama has certainly not been the sole target of false accusations. One only has to listen to Obama’s close advisor and chief attack dog, David Axelrod, to get a full appreciation of how facts can be twisted and misrepresented until there is little or no resemblance to truth. When Axelrod talks to the press and makes false statements about Mitt Romney, his fellow Democrats don’t object, the mainstream media swallows it without questioning the source or veracity, and gleefully disseminates it far and wide. Obviously the days of responsible reporting by much of the press, especially from liberal instruments like the New York Times and Washington Post are long gone, and the Democrats exploit it very effectively.

I could cite examples of Axelrod and Obama himself stretching the truth and telling outright lies but I don’t think this is necessary in this forum (and The SUN probably would not be willing to allocate the considerable space this would take). I will, however, continue to vent my frustrations, disappointment and sometimes outright anger over the direction the Obama Administration has taken our country. It is my hope that I, like so many others who feel the same way, will convince voters not to make the mistake of giving this incompetent president a second term.

Gary Stansbury

This story was posted on October 10, 2012.