Middle school

Pagosa Springs Middle School would like to thank community members who contributed to our mission in “Empowering Students to Navigate the Future through Learning,” in the 2012/2013 school year. The year would not have been as successful without the many volunteers who donated their time: Nancy Haines, Jan Lewis, Barbara Simpson, Kevin Khung, Stacey Castro, Kim Hutcherson, Todd Stevens, Stacy Foster, Mr. Kahrs, John Smith, Todd Shulda, Lyndall Caler, Jaques Gran, Darren Lewis, Alvin Schaaf, Mark Garcia, Kelly Miller, Kurt Raymond, Kevin Hank Anstine, David Smith, David Richardson, Tim Taylor, Mike Kelly, Steve Laverty, Julie and Tom Greenly, Becky Ball, Kathy Strohecker, Karen Pargin, Denise Kimsey, Kitzel Farrah, Diane Garaghty, Angel Gonzalas, Denise McCabe, June Jurcak, Lara Khung, Mary Cocke, Ronnie Doctor, Lisa Scott, Karen Evans, Tina Schroeder, Dave Nasralla and Allison Wiley, just to name a few. Again, we thank you and all of our teachers for a fabulous year at PSMS.

This story was posted on June 13, 2013.