Dear Editor:

My family has been a regular visitor to Pagosa Springs, both summer and winter, since 1978. It started with only my wife, but has grown through kids and grandkids. We have introduced not only family, but many friends. All of this was to experience the beauty and small town atmosphere in a friendly and enjoyable setting, away from the rush of big town Houston. We have many friends in Pagosa.

Having watched the recent arguments over development and the coming big box store, the town is losing that uniqueness that sets it apart from so many others that have been overrun, and it will lose the very character that made it the best. Even the cherished history of your claim to fame in Red Ryder is at risk. I am saddened for those who call Pagosa home and will see their vision and investment diluted.

We have decided it is time to pick another restful place that retains its roots. From one stop light to now several, change has come. Change is always the one constant, but Pagosa did not have the leadership to manage it properly. I would suggest the town at least get some advice and guidance from development professionals to salvage what opportunity might be left. I wish the town all the best, but it won’t be with my dollars. You won’t appreciate what you have until it is gone. Thanks for the memories.

Jerry Bailey

Houston, Texas

This story was posted on January 17, 2013.

3 Responses to Memories

  1. Pagosa Resident

    January 17, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    I am saddened that you think that a Walmart coming to Pagosa will ruin our town. I bet you have several Walmarts in Houston, yet you still live there. The residents here need a place where they can shop for our needs at a reasonable price that will not fall apart the first time it is washed, rather than drive 65 miles to the nearest town with those products to offer us. I bet you don’t have to drive 65 miles in a blizzard in the winter time. We are still a very unique place and should not be judged by whether or not we have a Walmart for the residents convenience. Come back and see us soon.

  2. Stewie Griffen

    January 19, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Ah, but stuff you do buy at Walmart falls apart with the first wash and break with the first use. You honestly think that the cheap, made-in-China crap that Walmart sells has good quality?

  3. Grande

    January 23, 2013 at 8:21 am

    Pagosa for many of the same reasons that Mr. Bailey mentions! I am a native of southern Colorado, and the folks that have miss managed Pagosa are the reason for many progressive minded people to move on! The rut that they seem to be stuck in, is only getting deeper!