Dear Editor:

There seems to be a clear pattern emerging in our Republic. It is a behavior problem, namely lawlessness, avoidance of facts, and aggression. There are significant numbers of people among us that have no regard for the Constitution, no regard for the rule of law, and exhibit numerous signs of mental instability.

For example, last week, a friend of mine was standing with a group of people outside a store, signing the McLachlan recall petition, when a guy in a gold 4 Runner with New Mexico plates drove by, twice, using finger gestures, cursing at them and using other typically mentally challenged belligerent behavior. Another example is someone used a marker and wrote on the back of my truck, “Republicans suck,” Republican being a presumption based on stickers on the truck defending the Constitution and freedom. Why are such people so afraid of the Constitution and freedom that they attack them?

All across the country, you see daily examples of these types of behavior that show name-calling, emotional ranting, avoidance of facts and existing law, and it all seems to be against those who wish to stand up for the law with truth and facts, and against the destructive actions and beliefs of a segment of our population seeking to destroy it. Some professionals have claimed it is a mental disorder, and I’m having to agree with that conclusion. Do they have no ability to control themselves and are afraid of those who can?

When there is such obvious emotionally unstable ranting, avoidance of and resistance to, liberty, facts and truth, and an unwillingness to openly discuss or debate the facts, this supports the conclusion that a serious mental defect is being exhibited. I can only hope that these people don’t have guns because these would be the classic type to use them criminally. I wonder if they sense their own mental instability and figure everyone thinks like they do.

Would any of these types be willing to have a public debate on the various issues involving freedom, rights, the Constitution and personal liberty, or do they prefer living in their little matrix of illusions and anger, and helping destroy the greatest republic in human history?

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on May 16, 2013.