Massive reversal

Dear Editor:

I sure hope the liberals don’t have a stroke. But the “Witwickistans”(Witkowski-Sawicki-Stansbury) haven’t even started with the supposed “dividing America weekly vitriolic.” BTW … the new and past SUN editors “do not” print every letter sent to them — so be encouraged!

Yes, 2013 was a tough year for the Democrats. Their leftist delusions of invincibility were smashed — they are hurting. And in the coming year they’re about to be obliterated. The Libs have a sense something’s in the air; they jist don’t know it’s their own downfall. It’s their conviction that a new wave of socialism is sweeping the land; what a crock!

Something’s building all right, something is in the air. But what’s coming is an anti-D.C.-establishment, anti-Hollywood elite, anti-Democrat-Party tsunami that’s gonna knock obummer’s Regime and his minions on their posteriors. Politically speaking of course.

The signs are everywhere. Almost daily there’s news that Obama has notched yet another “new low in the polls. If he has lost women, liberals, and younger Americans — he has lost the Obama voter. He has also lost the uninsured, according to the Wall Street Journal, with only 24 percent calling Obamacare a good idea.

Youth are deserting. Women are deserting. Independents are firmly in the anti-Obama camp. The Washington Post reports that Americans are more conservative than they’ve been since 1952. The left feels the political bottom falling out.

I wonder what’s causing this massive reversal to conservatism? Could it possibly be because millions are losing their health insurance? How about formerly low-information voters gaining information out of their own experience — and seeing for themselves that everybody with a D after their name lied to them, from the president on down, about obummercare? How about the fact that they are smelling the awful stench of Obamacare themselves, and no White House Twitter directives to wear jammies and “talk about getting health insurance” can mask the odor? How about Obama waving his magic dictator wand, changing the rules on a daily basis, bestowing waivers and ordering delays as befits a lawless Regime?

Obamacare was just the last straw. We’ve had five years of lies and deceit and manipulation and purposeful ruin, and now, finally, Obama has lost the nation’s trust.

And it shows when it comes to the economy: Despite years of being told this is a “recovery,” a full 79 percent of respondents in the ABC News/Washington Post poll insist the economy is still in recession: That is a telling vote of no confidence in Obama’s word, and in the media — who have been lying about the economy from Day One. But it is another indication that people are seeing what is. They are living in reality; not buying into liberal fantasy or messianic delusion: They are telling themselves the truth: And the truth will help set them free; come November — vote the liars out!

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on January 23, 2014.

One Response to Massive reversal

  1. Monica Witzig Wamsley

    January 24, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Mr. Sawicki, as someone who fits all of your listed “deserter” demographics, I feel I should be the one to tell you that we are gravitating away from both sides of the aisle! We like marriage (gay or straight), decent wages, not having our e-mails tracked, and fiscal responsibility. Who in the world will step up and act rationally? Time to welcome the Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus; you can look it up.