‘Mary Poppins’ to take flight March 21-25

Photo courtesy Scott Dahler
Jane and Michael learn lessons along the way from key characters such as the dancing statue Neleus (Anika Thomas), the owner of the talking shop, Mrs. Corey (Averie Lynch) and the doll-come-to-life, Valentine (Marissa Medina).

By Trace Gross
Special to The PREVIEW

You won’t need a spoonful of sugar to enjoy this practically perfect musical. Coming to Pagosa is the one and only Mary Poppins in this year’s Pagosa Springs High School Musical.

The plot of the show follows Mr. and Mrs. Banks (Cole Stevens and Hayley Mitchell) and their need for a nanny for their troublesome children, Jane (Zoe Geraghty) and Michael (Brayden Shulda).

Mary Poppins (Taylor Jones) comes to the call. Mary, along with her jack-of-all-trades companion, Bert (Pitcher Lindner), takes the children on all sorts of adventures, such as having a “Jolly Holiday” in the park, meeting live Greek statues (Anika Thomas), as well as going to make a brand-new word at the talking shop of Mrs. Corey (Averie Lynch).

She also teaches them lessons such as helping the servants Robertson Ay and Mrs. Brill (Keanan Anderson and Grace Thompson) clean up the kitchen, and how to treat their toys, such as the abused doll Valentine (Marissa Medina). They even face off against the evil nanny, Miss Andrew (Kaya Knox).

While not a direct adaptation of the Disney movie, and containing new elements, stories and characters found in the original books by P.L. Travers, you can expect to find fun, magic and many beloved songs in the show, as well as some new surprises.

Directed and choreographed by an alumnus of the Pagosa Springs High School stage, Becca Postma, and musically directed by Dan Burch, this show features complex dancing, over 200 costumes, tons of props, dozens of set pieces, a nanny who will take you to new heights, and 40-plus young actors showing that with some hard work, “Anything Can Happen” if you let it.

You don’t need a reason, don’t need a rhyme, so come join us and take a “Step In Time” March 21-25. The show begins each evening at 7 p.m. in the Pagosa Springs High School auditorium. All seats are $10 at the door.

This story was posted on March 18, 2017.