Make it count

Dear Editor:

Sounds ominous that all voters in Archuleta County get to pay for the rec center if approved and not get to vote on the matter. Will there be a fee for all to use the center? Do our hens lay eggs?

Over the years, our county has been divided up and picked apart by the town council to annex all businesses along Hwy. 160 corridor and leave out actual voters. Remember Jay Harrington who set this in motion? What may be good for the town is not good for the county at all.

Like a child crying “I want I want” all the time, the town has been spoiled by the county long enough. Where is the BoCC? Why are you not representing the entire county as you are suppose to?

Did you notice in the recent drug bust in town at a motel, nothing was ever mentioned about the town Police Dept.? Same with previous busts. Where is the PSPD and why are they not taking the lead in these costly busts? We would like to see some of our taxes at work elsewhere and not just in the “city limits”.

Oh of course … it is politics … silly me. Why should the local politics be any different than the national political mess we see ourselves in?

People, you have to get out and make your vote count in all elections that you can. Voting in any election of any kind is your chance to voice your opinion. For School Board, LaPlata Electric Board, Town Council, BoCC, Rec Center issue, PAWS Board, Fire District Board, and the list goes on. Make it count.

Janet Valdez

This story was posted on March 27, 2014.