Make a choice

Dear Editor:

Americans have a choice to make. If we continue our national/global stagnation, then it means the end of the world as we know it.

No the answer isn’t more loaded AR’s in the closet, nor is it anarchy thinly disguised as Liberty meetings, it’s common sense. The three main drivers suppressing us are:

1. the post or second industrial revolution requires fewer employees (as an example, GM’s 600,000 is down to about 70,000 workers). Two big reasons, we’re far more productive and make better products due to IT technology and wrongly our corporations are not reinvesting locally.

2. Economic motivation is being beaten out of the average employee by 24/7 work demands combined with very little upward mobility and stagnant wages. Two answers, at least 95% of us just want a good job vs. starting a business (sorry Darwin capitalists) and most aren’t trained for this new business environment.

3. Our moray’s & culture are changing faster than most can adjust. Two answers, time that we don’t have is needed and we need to give up hard narcotics to think and act clearly, not to mention the savings.

The solutions are quite simple but seemingly impossible to do: give up the cold war mentality and combine the practical effective economic ideas of both political ideologies. Example, stop frothing at the mouth over welfare but spend a $1.50 on training/relocation for every $1 cut out of welfare. Next, immigration has been a primary building block for our past success. Face it, we need all the levels of work skills. So give a citizenship or a green card to those here legally and a blue card to all others that has realistic workout provisions for the green status and citizenship. Most Americans and illegal immigrants are solid, decent hardworking folks that just want an opportunity.

If not, well … Chinese takeout anyone?

Dave Blake

This story was posted on February 6, 2014.

One Response to Make a choice

  1. Inez

    February 6, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    VERY well said! Especially the “anarchy thinly disquised as Libery Zone” part.