Dear Editor:

Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association is an extension of the tax department and is listed in the telephone directory under government offices. It is one of the most crooked organizations ever established. It is not a legitimate homeowners association.

This year they have raised their dues citing it is necessary to keep our property values up. Hah!

For over six months, property owners on East Golf Place have been begging PLPOA to do something about the renters at an East Golf Place residence. Their front yard is full of beaten-up furniture, looks like a junkyard. We have tolerated their loud, late into the night, parties during the summer; we have tolerated one of them driving like a bat out of hell up and down East Golf, not caring about children, pets, wildlife or other cars. It is Feb. 19, Christmas lights are still strung all over the face of the garage and front porch. We look in disgust at the weekly overflowing garbage pail with trash and garbage strewn all over their driveway remaining for two and three days at a time.

My neighbor wants to sell his property and move to Denver. The Realtor told him he would have to list it at a great loss unless he can get the property across the street on East Golf Place cleaned up. Not fair.

It should be noted the renters at an adjacent property are terrific. A beautiful family. Hope they stay forever.

Why are we expected to pay an organization who does not do what we pay them to do — protect our property values? They just pocket the money and snub their dirty noses at us property owners.

I have been a homeowner here for several years and have heard many horror stories about the way PLPOA treats property owners. Instead of PLPOA, they should be listed as Mafia.

Barbara Evans

This story was posted on February 28, 2013.