Dear Editor:

I read in The SUN that the county commissioners passed a Second Amendment resolution stating that the federal or state government can pass no law infringing these rights. (The smaller the person, the bigger the ego.)

In my opinion, allowing military ordinance into the hands of civilians, including criminals, terrorists, traitors, drug dealers or psychopaths, is madness. (No background check required.)

I spent my entire professional career in the military weapons business.  I’ve cleaned up the goats after the nerve gas tests and the field effect bomb tests.  I’ve watched what happened to the goats in the nuclear weapon tests and I have seen the pictures of Hiroshima. All that is needed is a small field effect bomb to obliterate Pagosa from the face of the earth or a nerve gas canister to wipe out all the spectators at the Super bowl.  Are drones and nuclear weapons covered by the Second Amendment?  When the Second Amendment was written, arms meant muzzle loading muskets.

I thought it a bit ironic when Christianity, the Bible, St. Paul and the local pastors were vilified and the only person that cried out was this old sinner.

By the way of disclaimer, I own an assault rifle and I believe in background checks.

Bob Dungan


This story was posted on May 2, 2013.