Luminosity Talks to present discussion on personal energy fields

By Judith Jubb
Special to The PREVIEW

Have you ever wondered what makes you especially you?

Luminosity Talks is pleased to present Judith Jubb, Friday, Oct. 7, at 6:30 p.m. at the PLPOA Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave. Come hear Jubb talk about the personal energy field that surrounds each of us, and describes the expanded identity of each person — how we think, feel and express our individuality.

Jubb is clairvoyant from birth and had the opportunity of studying under Benjamin Bibb in the 1980s, focusing on remote healing.

Her course, “Enhancing Intuition,” was offered for three years at the Seattle Community Colleges. She has worked with Native American shamans for social tolerance and spiritual balancing. Her abilities are widely known and been tested in laboratories at the University of Washington (1996) and Pennsylvania State University (2005, 2007 and 2009). Her ability to change the frequency vibrations of water has been recorded with infrared laser and spectrometer equipment. She has demonstrated and lectured extensively.

Using extended sight to observe energy fields (auras) of thousands of individuals, she has compiled data and produced a reliable prediagnostic system. Similar methods are used by medical intuitives around the world. Detecting irregularities and defining how the physical body interfaces with the energy field indicates well-being.

The expression of the personality through the physical body is relative to the quality of vitality and genetic characteristics. Physical, emotional and spiritual health are reflected in the energy field of the individual.

Sometimes the personal energy field includes patterns and constructs designating contact with interdimensional beings, off-worlders and even angels. To a seer, these are all visible.

Jubb uses only talents given to view and interpret energy fields. No photography or electronic equipment is necessary. In this presentation, scanning by sight will be demonstrated. Pictures or slides of actual clients as seen by Jubb during her 30-year career will be shown and explained.

Bring pendulums if you have them — we will be getting in touch with the body mind. Volunteers for the demonstration are invited.

Luminosity Talks presents speakers and films that educate, inspire, inform and uplift in a progressive way. Donations are appreciated.

This story was posted on October 6, 2016.