LPEA officers

Dear Editor:

I attended the LPEA board meeting on Wednesday, June 18, to follow the outcome of the election of the officers of the board for the coming year.

Well, the voting is complete and the LPEA Board of Directors has a new president, vice president, secretary and treasurer (the Executive Committee) a clean sweep for the “green” side. In case you don’t understand the significance, the conservative side now essentially has no voice in the affairs of the Coop. While I had personally hoped that Mr. Lynch, the new board member for Pagosa, would be true to his campaign promises, namely of looking at both sides of an issue and then making a decision, it is clear that he is completely aligned with the Durango “green” side, as he voted in unison with them for each position.

LPEA will see some major changes in the near future; the CEO is leaving the first of August and a number of other long-time staff members will soon follow. The new CEO will now find himself working with the new president that has only a year experience on the board and has essentially no history, as he admitted at the meeting, of the operations of LPEA. Again, I would have hoped that, as a large corporate consultant, Mr. Lynch would have considered this and understood that bringing in all new personnel in management is not the way to run a business. Keeping the past president, Mr. Montoya, as the new president would have provided a needed continuity between the LPEA Board and the new CEO.

Additionally, I would note that the vice president has only two years of experience on the board and the new treasurer has only one year. A compromise was offered by Director Compton to make the Executive Committee consist of two current members and two new members. That motion was defeated by the same six “green” to five vote, as all other votes.

Since the meeting I have also learned that the Board on a 6-5 vote passed a resolution requesting the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to modify its proposed resolutions opposing the Obama Administration’s regulations concerning new and existing power plant emissions relative to climate change so as to support it.

I also understand, the “green” group wants to essentially censor the information to the members that is published in the Colorado Country Life magazine to only that which they like. It seems likely that the “green” group will eventually do away with the LPEA edition of magazine as they tried to do last year but did not have the necessary votes.

We also, now have to wait and see how or if the board will change the rate structure or subsidize renewable energy programs, both of which we know are in their sights. I would like for all District 1 members to stay in touch with what is going on with the LPEA board and voice your opinions by contacting the District 1 board members directly, speaking at the monthly LPEA board meetings, or going to the LPEA website and reviewing the minutes of the board meetings.

Lin Stewart

This story was posted on June 26, 2014.