LPEA board

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Ken Fox, for seeking another term on the LPEA Board of Directors District 1. I whole heartedly support Ken and his positions on the issues. I have known him since 2002. I know his track record on the LPEA Board to be conservative while at the same time recognizing he represents all members of the Coop.

Some of you may remember that I ran for re-election last year for District 1 and lost by 32 votes. Why did I lose? I didn’t get enough votes. Why didn’t I get enough votes? I didn’t do enough to get the attention of the conservative members.

In the upcoming election for LPEA Board members, just one more “green” candidate on the Board will give them a majority to oversee LPEA as they wish and to achieve their goals such as stepped rates, and further increasing the renewable energy requirements resulting in increased electric rates.

So for all local conservatives and conservative “snowbirds,” please listen up. Your votes do count and can make a difference. The “green” interests are well funded, well organized and do a good job of getting out the vote. Organizations and individuals from Durango are very active in the District 1 Board elections. The Sustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado on their website state “SASCO’s Climate & Energy Initiative looks forward to supporting LPEA’s direction toward increasing local renewable energy development and will continue to leverage and support climate and energy projects, such as the LPEA Board of Directors election campaigns.” Individuals from Durango have written letters to the Pagosa SUN supporting the “green” candidates for District 1. Mailers supporting the “green” candidates have been sent out from Durango.

Of course, this is their right to do so; I only point them out to indicate how well they are organized and how involved they are in the District 1 election. We as conservatives can do the same; we just need to be very active. We must support Ken by talking to, phoning, emailing and the, old fashion way, writing our friends, especially the “snowbirds” that may not have the opportunity to get the campaign info.

The ballots will be mailed out first of May, so be ready to vote for Ken Fox and be sure your friends have done the same.

Thank you.

Lin Stewart

This story was posted on March 6, 2014.