LPEA board

Dear Editor:

I wish to write this letter of support for Ken Fox and his seeking reelection to the LPEA Board of Directors for our local District 1 which serves all of Archuleta County. I have known Ken for many years as a friend, a fellow church member and specifically also as a member of LPEA’s Roundup Foundation Board of which I serve as Chairperson.

Ken is the type of person who is not swayed by current fads or political ideas that happen to strike people as the answer to electrical concerns and costs. Ken states that we do need viable alternatives for our future betterment and he has shown by his votes that he supports renewable and energy conservation but not ideas that blow as the wind blows. Ken is solid, maybe even a little conservative in his thinking but right on target with his thoughts, votes and concern for our future electrical needs. Ken’s voting record shows his concern for Archuleta County and SW Colorado as a whole. This is the kind of person that we need to keep the LPEA Board of Directors accountable and headed in the proper direction. He is highly respected by his board colleagues for his thoughts, keeping discussions right on track and his voting record confirms all of this.

We lost an excellent board member in last year’s election when Len Stewart was defeated by a strong, scare tactic by the “Green” organization in Durango who flooded our county with literature and ideas that were part of Durango’s goals, not necessarily what was/is best for Archuleta County. We need solid thinking and voting to support our unique needs and not be required to subsidize goals and needs for other areas. Ken is a fighter and holds his ground very well. As he stated in his February 27 article in The Pagosa SUN, “We need to stay the positive course, make wise decisions … improving technology, not by political expediency.” You can bank on Ken’s words as his promise for our future.

Many of you know Ken well from his many elected positions here in Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County. Ken is currently on the local public School Board, active church member, former County Commissioner and willing volunteer for many local clubs and organizations that benefit our local area. Ken is a strong family person, athletic booster, proven LPEA Board member and community supporter. Ken represents all the qualifications to continue to serve this county as District 1 Board member. When your LPEA ballots come out the first of May, remember Ken Fox as the most qualified person to continue to represent this area on the LPEA Board of Directors.

Bruce Keuning

This story was posted on March 13, 2014.