Love our town

Dear Editor:

The Fourth of July, one of my most favorite holidays, and what a fun way to celebrate here in Pagosa. The parade, a barbecue with friends and then home to watch the fireworks from our deck. As we were driving along Light Plant Road the cars, trucks, and trailers were lined up from the stop sign at Apache St. to the curve, I would guess maybe two to three hundred people waiting for the fireworks to begin.

I was afraid of what I would find the next morning when driving to town, but to my amazement there wasn’t a piece of trash, (except for two plastic water bottles) along the side of the road.

Talk about a very proud feeling I had for our town and the people who live here and for our visitors too, to think they have enough respect for other peoples’ property to clean up after themselves. As the saying goes, “Pack it in and pack it out.”

Thank you to all you wonderful people who kept our road clean and free of debris. God bless our country, God bless America, and God bless all the wonderful people who live here and to our returning visitors who love our little town.

Judy Clare

This story was posted on July 10, 2014.