Look at options

Dear Editor:

There has been much to do about the rec center and over this period of time certain things have floated to the top for me. One of the things that affected me most during the two terms I spent on the town council was the, at times, almost overwhelming input by county residents on a Town of Pagosa Springs issue.

Once again we have the majority of proponents of the rec center being county residents. In this instance county residents could go to their elected officials and proceed with the idea of building a rec center in the county. However, what they would find is that their leaders, the people they put in office to make the decisions best for them, are unanimously opposed to the building of the rec center in its proposed size at this time.

As a member of the town council at the beginning of the economic downturn I watched as our community pulled together, the council, and perhaps most important the town employees as the town succeeded economically far above what other small mountain towns in the state accomplished with keeping ourselves afloat.

As a grandfather in the community I understand the need for more recreation, but I don’t believe the time is right. We are not completely out of the recession/depression. I’ve heard as many persons as those who are for or against say, “Why don’t we start with something a little smaller and work our way up” with a rec center. Which could be the smartest move.

Perhaps most importantly is the wisdom expressed in Darrel Cotton’s letter to the editor where stated that a family given a 50 percent increase in spending would most likely look to spend the money in other places other than recreation, i.e. home mortgages, retirement, etc.

Let’s finish our current projects, let’s take our time, perhaps start on a smaller scale. So, I do agree that we need to take a breath and look at all of the facts. Many of us over the last several years have felt the pressure of finances due to our national economy. I would not like to see the town under the possible economic pressure this project could impose. Let’s take a breath and look at all our options.

Jerry Jackson

This story was posted on March 27, 2014.