Life and law

Dear Editor:

It is a sad state of affairs we have today in this republic of ours. We started with such good, lawful intentions, and were slowly blessed to become the greatest, most powerful people the world has ever seen, but over the last 100 years, we’ve declined. Forces began eating at the core of our success decades ago. How could a group of people rise so prominently, and yet end up where we are today? From being the world’s leader in most every field of society … agriculture, technology, commerce, education, healthcare, transportation, industrial base, military power, wealth and prosperity, morals and ethical standards, and even constitutional and law knowledge … to being almost the bottom of the list in most areas, and certainly in ignorance of constitutional, and even physical, laws. Why is this so?

 As unpleasant as it is to some people, the simple fact is that the promises made by the creator in the Bible, about this very republic, brought about those blessings. His other promises of the curses that could slowly overtake us are just as sure, and we are experiencing those today.

 When a people who claim to bear His name, and who claim to be His followers, do so in word only, we are in trouble. Where we were to be a great example of what a people can accomplish who have the true source of law and power backing them (and we certainly were that example for the world), but began to backslide away from His simple instructions, we become a shame to ourselves, and much more so, shaming God’s true revealed lawful nature in the eyes of the world, the very law which brought all the profound blessings this republic has enjoyed.

 The power of the universe who upholds all things, giving purpose to all things, cannot betray Himself and ignore His own nature and laws. When a people disregard the “lawful” nature of God, it is an impossibility for continued success and blessings. Just as surely as a man jumping off the empire state building, believing he can defy the law of gravity, will not end up well, so, too, it is an impossibility for a lawlessness (spiritual or social) among a people to produce continued good results.

 It is a simple matter of what law requires of us, whether physical or spiritual. Surely we can understand that if there are laws of “nature” which govern the entire universe, down to the smallest elements, it would be extremely foolish to presume there is no law governing the “nature” of how people personally think and act. Cause and effect! Blessings and cursings! A, B, C, 1, 2, 3! We are moving backwards into lawlessness (disorder) if we are not actively moving toward the light of truth, and applying true law in all aspects of our daily lives. Simple choice for a people. Do we want universal law and power on our side, or against us? Choose life and law, not death!

 Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on June 13, 2013.