Dear Editor:

I’m a little late on this, so please forgive me.

I have two complaints concerning an ad placed in the Pagosa SUN on Oct. 24 by the Tea Party titled “VOTE NO Amendment 66.”

First, the ad claims that, because of this amendment, our state income taxes will increase “from 8% to 27%.” The truth is, the income taxes are currently 4.63 percent and would  ”increase by 26.6%.” In other words, the tax rate would increase from 4.63 to 5.9 percent. This can’t just be a typo, since it’s a different word, “by versus to,” and a different amount, “8% versus 4.63%.” In other words, it’s a lie promoted by the Tea Party. There’s seven more bullet points, which may also be blatant lies.

Second, how can The Pagosa SUN print such an erroneous ad? This is an ad, not an opinion piece in the letters to the editor. Isn’t there a minor amount of vetting?

Once again, the Tea Party is fabricating lies to further their agenda. Please, voters, vote smart and if something seems preposterous, check into it before you swallow it.

Dan Bartley

Editor’s note: The SUN is obliged to edit and correct, if necessary, its editorial material, due to the fact a newspaper is legally liable for content, particularly with regard to libel — letters, opinion pieces, articles, etc. As for ads, a newspaper is regarded as a “carrier.” With ads, of any kind — caveat emptor.

This story was posted on November 21, 2013.