Dear Editor:

 I appreciate our library and the helpful staff working there. It’s obvious to me that others feel the same way because all parking spots were taken. Inside, the building was crowded and loud. I couldn’t find a silent corner to read. I forgave all the inconvenience and took some material home to do homework. After all , the library is not always that busy.

I’m wondering, however, why can’t City Market donate that ugly, abandoned building across the street to the town so that we can open a new, expanded Ruby Sisson Library? What a gracious gesture that would be from the Kroger Corp. for partial payback to the town for the nasty eyesore they have created in town and the inconvenience they have created by making downtown folk go uptown for service.

As I have said, I love our library, however, I imagine more room would be appreciated. Just think, with an expanded library, there might be room for a lecture hall with fixed seats and a sound system for the many programs and speakers the library organizes; perhaps one or two more classrooms could be added for the little kids and the computer classes now offered; how about a silent reading room and an art gallery? The extended parking lot would be appreciated too. A small coffee shop might be coaxed open somewhere in the abandoned City Market Mall with parallel hours so library patrons could cross over for fuel. I’m just thinking. I don’t even know if the librarians would want to be part of this move. Maybe this letter can provoke some community comments.

Joe Granias

This story was posted on October 17, 2012.