Liberty zones

Dear Editor:

Well, thanks to our unconstitutional and lawless representatives in Denver, we now not only have hunters boycotting Colorado and cancelling their hunts, but now tourists are deciding not to come to Colorado to visit.  On top of that great news, Magpul, a gun magazine manufacturer, is leaving with 200 jobs and millions of dollars for Colorado.  People in other states are also boycotting Coors now, and who knows what other ramifications of these childish antics by traitors in government will be forthcoming?

We simply do not have to comply with unconstitutional laws, so says the U.S. Supreme Court.  Our counties can be “liberty zones” to which we can invite hunters, tourists and businesses to come because we simply will not comply with their idiotic laws, and we will defend the constitution and people’s rights in our counties, despite even what state government says … and that is in their laws.  Change begins with the people, so get moving.

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on April 4, 2013.