Liberty Zone

Dear Editor:

There is an obvious pattern emerging in America, but it presents a question. Those who are in positions of power or leadership that are obviously corrupt … were they corrupted “by” the position itself … the power and authority creating mental instability, or do such positions “attract” people already “bent” and corrupted inside and they seek those positions to feed their addiction and perversion?

Of course, there are a few who take their positions as public servants seriously, and obey their oath of office and truly serve those who hired them, but there are a vast majority in these positions, such as police and sheriff department officers, government employees, county judges and others who are clearly bent in their thinking and are corrupted in their actions against others.

They clearly view the citizenship as the slaves, and “they” are the “authority,” and they act this out every day of their lives in how they deal with people. Most in these positions do not realize how despised they are by most common people. Their actions are not unnoticed. For example … you are driving down the road after a great evening out with family or friends, and you are driving home, feeling happy and relaxed.

Suddenly, in the rearview mirror, you see the proverbial red and blue lights flashing. Ask yourself this; what is the almost absolute response at that moment … one of a feeling of peace, safety, security and joy that your public servants are there taking care of the dangerous wackos out there, or is it a sudden feeling of fear, stress, anxiety and possible anger, and wondering if this lurking predator is after “you” or going after someone else this time around?

Or, you go into court to face a judge on some issue, and the same sick, anxious fear grips you while your “public servant” proceeds to extract more property or rights from you.

What is wrong with a society where we have such a reaction to someone we have hired to protect and to serve us? Isn’t there something inherently wrong with that picture? Doesn’t this smack of a form of domestic terrorism? We hate the experience because of how it makes us feel, and knowing that we will have to pay money for the experience … and there hasn’t even been anyone hurt in most of these alleged “crimes.”

OK people … what part of simply standing up and supporting the law is so hard, and why do we allow our servants to terrorize us as we do? How about a “Liberty Zone” we can stand behind?

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on March 7, 2013.