Level ground

Dear Editor:

How does the Constitution work for anyone when neuron challenged representatives attempt enactment of a gay version of “Jim Crow laws?” Same question … how do our citizens have a level playing ground when religious cults can enact laws. Maybe a more appropriate query is why is the moderate Republican party suddenly playing to the LBGT crowd … basically it’s money and votes not religion. The best description of why Arizona’s Guv backed down along with her Republican congressional cult (da … I ‘tink we goofed) are the Fortune 500 corporations. Whoops … capitalism trumps the Chamber of Commerce’s darkside. Constitutional freedom’s are such a double edged sword, tch … tch, seems you have to give to receive any rights.

Speaking of rights mixed with new realities … yes the “Second Amendment” does give Americans the right to bear arms. But golly gee, why is it so hard to recognize … there are no secrets anymore-zero-zilch-nada. So if you object to background checks … maybe the ATF should be looking for you, as you’re the one with something to hide. Spend one minute thinking about it, did you ever use a credit card to purchase anything related to weapons or hunting, ever make a phone call about any issue related to your guns or have a gun shop do a phone record check when buying, ever subscribe to a gun/hunting magazine, and/or even been in the armed forces … guess what, if you’re not a criminal felon, or have diagnosed mental issues and/or had violence related police reports … you, not everyone else, you don’t have any secrets … period. Get over it, privacy is gone. Take a drive over to Utah, big-big server farm, the NSA has a rather complete file on you. If you’re really afraid of “them” coming for your guns … well, you’d better dig-a-hole. Think of it as the guy who buried the gold coins that were just found in California … someday you’ll come back for ‘em in the meantime they’re as useless as objecting to background checks.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on March 6, 2014.