Dear Editor:

Are Americans lemmings or individuals?

For starters, did you know that a recent study shows that those who watch Fox News have an average IQ of 80, whereas the national average is 100. Must be Murdoch knew his “followers” weren’t the brightest bulbs in the closet, so it was OK to try and engineer the election of his picked new leader of sterling character, General Petraeus.

It’s worse.. Very few of the Tea Party prophets of fiscal doom have acknowledged the failure of their prophecies to come true, and those who have admitted surprise are doubling down. Does Mankind really want to jump off a cliff? Some recent examples: Mayan Calendar, Haley’s comet, the Rapture and Alan Greenspan, who conceded that “despite large budget deficits, inflation and long-term interest rates, the typical symptoms of fiscal excess, have remained remarkably subdued. This is regrettable, because it is fostering a sense of complacency.”How dare reality not validate his fears!

The problem remains that we encourage their comments with our own national death wishes when we could actually solve our economic problems without encountering their cult crisis.

Maybe the answer lies in the U.S. remaining nearly the most religious country (about 80 percent) — short of the Muslim countries (99 percent). Now ,that’s a connection. Seems the Christian Neo-Darwinist’s are right: Americans need the group survival provided through the social capital from religion more than being individuals. Well, maybe that’s right; super powers just don’t last as long as religions.

I’m betting we’re all coming to the same conclusion: the children of the “Greatest Generation” are old and collectively just plain tired, particularly of being global leaders, regardless of their Republican BS, hot air and noise. So, lemmings it is. Forward to the ramparts! Follow the doom cultists … over the fiscal cliff.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on December 27, 2012.

2 Responses to Lemmings

  1. Kate

    December 27, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Dave your study has been widely publicized as being a hoax. A little fact checking is usually a good idea when relying on things found on the internet. Just sayin’!

  2. Dr. Roy K. Boutwell

    December 28, 2012 at 10:12 am

    I read a recent study that said folks who watch NBC Nightly News have an average IQ of 49.2. It probably would have been higher, but the smart ones had trouble working the remote control and wound up watching CBS. Then again, maybe it wasn’t the complexities of working the remote. They may have had trouble with their ABC’s.