Left boot

Dear Editor:

Sal Pace needs to be vetted, and vetted thoroughly. Haven’t we learned yet that character does count? With his background of arrests and run-ins with the law, dating from March 12, 2004, Aug. 29, 2003, Aug. 15, 2003, April 20, 1996 and Oct. 5, 1995,  I would vote for my left boot before I’d vote for Pace. Do your own research. Check out Denver Post and Colorado Peaks Politics sites. 

Additionally, take a look at the comparative C.U.T. (Colorado Union of Taxpayers) Ratings between Sal Pace and Scott Tipton. (http://www.coloradotaxpayer.org/). It looks as though Pace never met a tax increase he didn’t like. Pace must be terrified of his miserable Colorado Union of Taxpayers score, in standing up for us Colorado taxpayers.

His C.U.T. Scores: 2009, 3.33 percent, 2010: 20 percent, 2011: 23.08 percent, and 2012, 16.67 percent, for a lifetime average score of 15.77 percent. He’s really looking out for us, isn’t he? Contrast Pace’s record with Scott Tipton’s C.U.T. Ratings, during his two years in the Colorado House, which were: 2009, 73.33 percent, and in 2010, 91.67 percent.

Let’s also take a look at Tipton’s record with the National Taxpayers Union while he’s been in the U.S. House: They rate Tipton at 75 percent. The FRCAction Family Research Council (FRC) also rates Tipton at 83 percent.

Go ahead: Vote for Sal Pace and hang on to your pocketbook.

Duane C. Branson

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.